17 Jul

A Sandy Point Elopement

Heike and Christian are from Germany. They wanted to get married in Australia and they found Sandy Point over the Easter break and fell in love. They ventured around the beaches and the dunes, until they found the spot they wanted to tie the knot. I was absolutely chuffed and very honored to be have been apart of their morning ceremony. Along with Sarah (from Forget Me Knot Celebrations) and two special witnesses, we got to see one of the most emotional, heart warming wedding ceremonies ever. When you see a wedding like this, it brings everything into perspective and reminds you that at the end of the day, it all comes down to love and nothing else matters. For Heike and Christian, they were lucky enough to have a beautiful, crisp morning… There was a foggy view over to The Prom and the the sea was as flat as a pancake. It was perfect.

Bring on more elopements my way!

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