02 Aug

Amy & Michael { Terindah Estate Winery wedding }

Amy and Michael.

It was definitely one of those days full of crazy emotions. Tears, joy, happiness, sadness. Thank goodness I had a camera to hide behind because my eyes certainly teared up most of the day.

Amy and Michael’s family were warm and over-the-moon excited for them to be married. It was so special to witness these two families come together.

The weather wasn’t too kind for us. (This was shot back in oct 16). It rained on and off. Crazy winds. And at the last minute they decided to move the ceremony from outside on the lawn (at Terindah Estate), to inside the cellar. It was still perfect.

We all braved the very breezy weather and shot off on a buggy to the wheat fields and down to the beach. Again, crazy winds, but it didn’t stop us. The guys from Native Weddings were also there to capture it all. Love what they do! Loved this day. Can we do it all over again!? :)

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20 Jul

Family fun { Mossvale Park }

I met these guys back when Madden (the middle boy) was born. Huxley was a proud big brother…. A few years on and now they have Daisy. We managed to get some pictures in the beautiful Mossvale Park in the late autumn. I think we got the perfect time. The colours in the shoot are amazing… but I do love the black and whites too! Mossvale Park never disappoints me, no matter what time of the year it is. So thankful to have it so close to me :)

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