Personal Stories

A little space I’d like to share my personal stories with you….

I don’t write in a diary. I don’t record my days with words. Instead, I use pictures. I post quite a few on Instagram and more recently have been using Instagram Stories. At first Insta Stories to me was a bit of a waste of time. I’d think, I’m not interested in other people’s stories, why would they be interested in mine? But, as time went on I found myself watching these stories, keeping in tune with the people and the things I like (and I must admit, I watch these now probably more than I watch tv). I began sharing my stories and connecting with people on a different level. And, if I post a story, I watch it over and over, and I always save it. Recording things is a part of me. I can’t ever change that and I don’t want to.

I’ve decided to set up this Personal Stories space so I have somewhere to share my family adventures with you. These stories will consist of raw, in-the-moment images. Taking pictures as they happen and not trying to set up any. I feel there’s such an importance in recording your life’s memories because life swings by so fast, I often forget what I did yesterday. I’m going to aim to update this space as often as my me time allows me. This isn’t work, it’s personal, so for me, it’s something I can do to get my mind off things, release tension and in a way, look back, unwind and smile. If there’s anything my stories can bring to you, I hope it’s inspiration x

Date: 13.6.17

What: Our first real wintery adventure.

Location: Cape Liptrap Lighthouse and Walkerville South.

Shot with: Fujifilm x-t1

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