06 Apr

danielle + mathew { vintage glam backyard wedding, Harkaway }

These two. They managed to hold their emotions together. Just.
In the time I got to know these two (which was one meeting prior to their day, and on their actual wedding day), I learnt that these guys had nothing but love for eachother. I know it’s cliche – hey they got married! But honestly, they had a wedding where their closest family & friends attended but during their ceremony it was like it was just them two. Completely smitten with one another and totally ready to commit themselves to eachother.

I  often tear up at weddings – and this one I was telling myself to pull it together. I hid behind my camera and cried. Even their awesome celebrant couldn’t get through the reading without crying.

These guys were lucky enough to get married at a relatives property in Harkaway. It provided us with the most beautiful backdrop for our photos.

I can only say, I wish every wedding I do from now on in has as much emotion involved as this did. It’s what makes a wedding so special and wonderful.

Chris x

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