21 Feb

Elise + John { Phillip Island wedding }

Well, there’s always a few nerves around a beach ceremony. The weather needs to be right. Not much wind, no rain and some warm weather would be ideal. You already knew the morning of Elise + John’s wedding that we may be in for a  ”four seasons in one day” type situation. And for that reason, these guys made the decision to hold their ceremony inside the warm walls of The Cape Kitchen.

The boys + girls both began their day at the Silverwater Resort, in San Remo. The boys had cigars, and the girls unwrapped presents from The Simple Gesture (a local company who provide the sweetest hampers for any person/occasion).

After the ceremony we ventured to the Forrest Caves, on Phillip Island. We literally had the entire beach to ourselves. Elise didn’t let the wind (or her wet dress (it floated into a rock pool when I got them to stand at the top of the rocks!!) deter her. You’ll also notice a very talented lady appear in a shot. I got to shoot alongside Rachael, from Rachael Mary Films. I seriously felt like I’d known this girl for a while, we were very similar. I adore her filming style.

Elise made wearing a flower crown look effortless. She certainly pulled it off and I love anyone who adorns a flower crown. These things are magical. Flowers by Nikolina’s Florist.

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