02 Jun

family portraits { autumn, south gippsland }

Autumn is probably one of the nicest times for family portraits. The sun sets at a reasonable hour. The airs a little crisp, so you can rug up in a some cute knits and there’s always a few leaves around – perfect for throwing at each other + looking pretty. . .

I got to photograph this family on a perfect autumn afternoon. We managed to dodge the grey rain clouds, that were flying by + for a few minutes the warm sun came out.

Like I said, autumn really is beautiful… just look at the colours :)

fam1 fam2 fam3 fam4 fam5 fam6 fam7 fam8 fam9 fam10 fam11 fam12 fam13 fam14 fam15 fam16 fam17 fam18 fam19 fam20 fam21 fam22 fam23 fam24 fam25 fam26 fam27 fam28 fam29 fam30 fam31 fam32 fam33


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